Wednesday, May 5, 2010


This week has just gotten away from me.

Maddie had her kindergarten screening yesterday. She was taken to some mysterious room and was gone for about 1 hour. When she returned, she told us she had a lot of fun and that she knew all the answers. After a quick lunch, the kids rode the bus for about 15 minutes. Then they were taken to another room where they had a story. Meanwhile, Brian and I were taken to the cafeteria where we met the principal and learned more about her school.

Today, Brian had a medical procedure. No big deal - but big enough where he had to be knocked out for it. So - he had to lay low after that. Fortunately everything should be fine.

We also are pretty much finished putting the front yard back together. We ordered top soil and spread it yesterday evening and seeded it. Now - it's all about keeping it wet so it grows some nice green grass!

Today is the ONE month countdown to the Freihofer's Race. Now - the serious training begins. I have been training hard this week. I have been running for 1.65 miles for two days in a row and tonight I did 1.75 miles - WITHOUT STOPPING! How crazy is that?

I think that's all the news. It's just been kind of nutty around here and the days are slipping through my fingers.

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