Friday, May 7, 2010

A splurge

I splurged on something this week. I know. I shouldn't have. But I did. And I am in love.

My new love?

It's a Canon Power Shot SX20.

Oh yeah baby! Get ready for some awesome shots.

I have been researching and trying to justify spending money on upgrading my current point and shoot Canon. I love taking photos. I think I am somewhat good at taking photos. I really wanted a new camera that would enhance my photography skills. But - I didn't need some crazy camera that was complicated. I just wanted a simple upgrade that wasn't too expensive. And - so I that's what I did. I upgraded. And I got an awesome deal. And I am so very excited!

Of course, I am still trying to figure out how to use it. But - it seems pretty easy so far since I am already a Canon user. I just really want to try to use more of the functions and take some awesome shots. One of my favorite parts about the camera is the zoom! Oh yes. The zoom. It's crazy. It zooms so far. It's so cool. I am giddy over the zoom.
Okay. Enough. I am going to go and learn more about my camera. For now, enjoy some of my test shots that I took in Washington Park.

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Kelly said...

I just got a new Canon camera for Mother's Day. Canon's are the best. Love the tulip pictures! Great camera.