Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Girl's night and other nonsense

Last night we had our monthly girl's night at Felice's house.
Here we are -hanging out on her screened-in porch. I have to admit - it's nice having a "standing" date every month. Next month, the plan is to go to Lee to the outlets. Girl's night crosses state lines! Now we are getting crazy!
Anyway - Maddie's last day of school is Friday. No more pre-k! Now it's the big leagues. Kindergarten - here we come!
Speaking of Maddie, I signed her up for soccer for the fall. She will also be taking dance. And I plan to sign her up for Brownies. Is that too much? I hope not. Plus - she said she really wanted to do dance and soccer. In her words, "Please mom. Don't make me choose!" Can you believe it?
I want her to experience lots of things and I think she does better with a lot on her plate.
This weekend I have plans to go to a friend's grad school graduation party and we also have some Father's day festivities. Here's to a great weekend!

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