Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I have not been blogging much lately. The reason is because my laptop is still dead and I am waiting for my new one. I really don't like using our home computer because it sits on a desk and that means I am restricted and have to sit in a chair to blog. I like my laptop because I can plop down anywhere with it.

Oh well. Anyway- not much new to report. Here's some random tidbits:
  • Our grass is full on dead. As in straw-like and-brown and just plain NOT green! We need rain.
  • Aidan tuned 19 months yesterday. He likes to hit and swat and he thinks it's really funny.
  • I have my first gold party tonight.
  • I have a headache today.
  • We borrowed a friend's power washer. I can't wait to use it. I am already imagining the dirt coming off the house and that makes me giddy!
  • Maddie likes camp.
  • We had our driveway sealed yesterday and we can't drive on it for 48 hours. I really hate parking in the street. What if the neighbors back into our car?
  • We need our patio sealed. Brian needs to do that. The sealer is expensive. $100 for 5 gallons. GULP!
And that's all the news here.

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