Saturday, July 24, 2010

Discovering new things

Today we headed up to the Saratoga Spa State Park for the Graber Family Reunion. Brian's Grandpa Graber's side of the family celebrates every summer with a big family reunion and they rent a pavillion at the park in Saratoga. This year we headed up and we brought our bathing suits because there is a public pool there called the Peerless Pool.

We weren't sure if we were actually going to go swimming. But, after an hour of hanging out at the Pavillion, we were soaking wet from sweat. (Today was 90 degrees and very humid.) We decided to head over to the pool. It was a group effort. Brian's mom came, along with Brenda, Kevin and Evan. We drove over to the pool, changed our clothes and took a refreshing dip. The pool itself was impressive. Massively huge. Lifeguards everywhere. Clean and very inviting. The part that I really liked was the kiddie pool. It was a pool that was in a separate area that was gated off, and the pool itself was one-foot deep. In one corner, there was a mushroom-like structure that sprayed water. (See photo).

It was perfect for the kids. Maddie and Evan had a ball and Aidan tromped around in the water splashing and playing.

The really cool part of the pool was that it had a waterslide. A real waterslide. It was pretty big. It twisted. It turned. It was so very, very cool. I have never gone on a waterslide. I decided it was time to try it. I LOVED it! I went down twice. I had the best time. No one else wanted to join me on the waterslide adventure. Brenda didn't want to get wet. Barbara didn't want to get her hair wet. Kevin didn't have his bathing suit. Maddie was too short to go on it. I was rather bummed that I didn't have a buddy. But - I had great fun!

Anyway - that's my report on the Peerless Pool. It was a perfect day for a refreshing swim.

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