Saturday, August 7, 2010

Last bits of summer

I am trying to lap up every bit of summer.
I feel like we have had a great summer so far starting with our Jersey shore vacation at the end of June. I feel like I really want to embrace the nice days that we have left. We all know that Fall is just around the corner and there is so much more on my list.

Today we took the kids to Grafton. I haven't been there in years. It was a perfect day - although a bit chilly when the wind blew. We also thought about taking Maddie to the park playhouse to see the Wiz. But - we just didn't think Aidan would sit still through an entire play. Instead we took the kids to dinner at a cute Adironack bar and grill near our house. We sat outside and enjoyed our meal and the stellar weather.

Other things on my list:
  • Enjoy a free outdoor concert. There certainly enough free ones in the area!
  • Go the park playhouse
  • Girl's night on the Barge
  • Run my August 5K
  • Go for ice cream (Believe it or not, we haven't had any ice cream this summer!)

It's my goal to be outside as much as we can since we spend so many LONG and dark months inside during the winter!

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