Tuesday, August 3, 2010


My 10K training is in high gear. I kicked off the week with a 4.1 mile run. Today is a rest day and tomorrow night I have a gold party. So I won't be running again until Thursday night. The run went better than I expected. No side stitches and it wasn't very hot. I managed the 4 miles and was feeling pretty good. I even contemplated running another mile. But, I didn't. I stopped. I was happy with my run.

It's August. Hard to believe. August always makes me a bit nostalgic. It's that time of the year where it's still summer but there are little previews to what is coming. Back to school stuff is out. The leaves on the trees are starting to change - just barely. But they are on that path. There is that realization that there are just mere weeks left of our precious summer.

With these few weeks left, it's time to get Maddie ready to go off to kindergarten. Aidan will also be facing a change. He is starting a new daycare after Labor Day. Change, change, and more change. I guess that's what life is all about.

This weekend we have a 2nd birthday party to go to at Hoffman's. My BFF - Cortney will be in town for a wedding. Since it's her son's 2nd birthday - she decided to have a mini-birthday party. I am excited for our kids to get together. They see each other so few and far between - that it's nice to get them together.

And that's a wrap. Have a great day!

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