Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Water Parks and Other Nonsense

We went away for a few nights. Well - scratch that. We went away for 24 hours. Originally, it was supposed to be for 2 nights. But - we packed it up and went home after one night for a variety of reasons.

We went to Old Forge with Brenda (Brian's sister), Kevin (her hubby) and Evan (their son). The idea was to get away for a few days, spend some time on the Old Forge beach and go to the Enchanted Forest Water Safari. We booked our room at the Water's Edge Inn which looked very delightful on the web site. The rooms looked clean and spacious. It is located right across the street from the water park and it looked just dandy.

However, that was not really the case when we arrived. We got there on Monday and it was POURING rain. We checked in and we were promised that we had a renovated room. MMMM. I wasn't so sure. The room was a bit dark with a missing light bulb in one of the lamps and the carpet was stained. Okay. Whatever. I tried to overlook it. We took the kids to the indoor pool and they swam for about 1 hour. Then we got ready for dinner. By the time we were finished with dinner, the skies had cleared and we wandered around the town for a little bit.

Then it was time to go back to the room. This is where it all went downhill. Both of my kids were up until about 10 PM. Aidan kept popping up in his pack and play. Maddie tossed and turned. We finally turned off the TV and 9:40, However, what we didn't realize was that there was a Go Kart park across the street from us. All we could hear was screaming kids and the go-karts going round, and round, and round. I tossed and turned. Aidan finally fell asleep. Maddie finally did too. I ended up on Maddie's bed with her for a while. She woke up. Aidan woke up. Brian woke up. We were all awake. The go-karts went round and round. Aidan ended up in bed with Brian. I stayed with Maddie. Aidan talked and played with Brian until he put him back in the pack and play. Somewhere in there we fell asleep again. Then Aidan woke up again. I think I might have gotten 4 hours total of sleep. It was not good. At that point, I decided I couldn't do another night at the hotel. I wanted my own house! Luckily, they let us check out today and we were refunded for the 2nd night.

On the bright side - we woke up to sunny skies. We ate our breakfast and headed across the street to the water park. We had a great day. The kids went on rides, we rode the train, saw a mini-circus and then hit the water part of the park. Maddie went down some kids slides. I went down some big ones with Kevin. And then we headed out around 3 PM and we were home by dinner.

Let's just say - there's no place like home!

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