Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Another reason to love the library

On Sunday I ran over to the library to pick up a couple items that I had on reserve. When I walked in, I saw a sign that pointed to the community room and it read, " Free Children's Books for the Taking!" Mmmmm. Interesting. Free books?

I walked by and went to the circulation desk and picked up my items. I casually asked what that sign was for. Because you know - I didn't want to look like one of those people who LOVE free things. (Especially books). The librarian told me that the community book fair was held the day before and today they were just giving away books to get rid of them. She told me to take a bag and take what I wanted.

Are you kidding? Free books! I am there. I went in the room and started rummaging through the goodies. Let's just say that when I was finished, I had many, many books. They were all children's books - but I hit the motherload. I found a bunch of children's bible stories for the kids. Brian had mentioned to me that he wanted to start reading bible stories with the kids. So this was perfect. I found tons of them! I grabbed them all.

I found some pop up books for Aidan. I found some kindergarten workbooks for Maddie. And the beauty of it was that none of them were written in! They were brand spanking new! How exciting. We now work on them every night because she loves doing homework and since she doesn't have any homework at school yet - we pretend that this is her homework.

I found some American Girl chapter books. Not to mention a ton of other chapter books for Maddie. I refrained myself from taking the Sweet Valley High books to save for Maddie when she is older. Because didn't we all read Sweet Valley High??? Of course. And we loved them. You don't have to admit it. But you know we all had piles of them in our rooms growing up.

I was so elated by the time I got home - I was felt like floating. I love free stuff. I love my library. It made my Sunday! Books, books and more books!

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Kelly said...

Hi. I got to meet you today at the baby revolution sale. I just didn't realize who you were until after you had left! Nice to meet you in person!