Saturday, September 25, 2010

I am here

It's been a few days. Sorry about that. It has been a busy week.

But I am here. Today we headed out to Indian Ladder Farms for the Junior League of Albany Family Fun Day. Janis and I co-chaired the event and we really lucked out with the weather. We were happy with the turnout and I mean - what's really not to like - donuts, pumpkins, Andy the Music Man and apples? It's all good!

I have also been getting ready for the next consignment sale which is MUCH smaller than the Pass It On Sale - but still a good sale to get rid of some more stuff! So I have been sorting through clothing and tagging and getting ready for that.

Tonight we actually sat out on the patio and enjoyed a nice fire and watched the stars. We listened to Maddie ramble on about someone named "Mr. Corn" and how he was in the woods. Mmmm. Not sure who Mr. Corn is - but I guess he is a nice guy since she was hoping he would make an appearance.

On deck for next week is my fifth 5K - The Race for the Cure. I am kind of bummed because I am losing my running partners left and right. Janis is having an ankle problem and is out. Both of the Jen's are not running for a variety of reasons and Felice is about to give birth. So - I am left in the dark! Anyone out there want to run with me?

And that's it for now!

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