Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Race for the Cure - my 5th 5k

Today I ran the Race for the Cure. This was the race that I have been waiting and waiting for. I was dying to re-run the exact route that I ran back in June at the Freihofer's Run. I was hoping I could beat my time from back in June which was 32:47.

I was feeling a little bummed out because some of my running buddies were missing. Janis had a hurt foot, Felice is about to give birth and the two Jen's decided not to run this race. But I was still excited and I was meeting some other running friends at the race.
My friend Lynne was running her FIRST 5k - so I was very excited for her. And I was also meeting my friend Robin there. So - I was not alone. Brian and the kids also came along for support. (The photo is of Lynne, and her friend Sarah, Maddie and me.)

I had a new plan of attack for this race. I decided to start MUCH further up than I had started back in June. I started so far back last time and there were tons of people in front of me and I realized that I could have started closer to the front. This time, I plopped myself on the outskirts of the crowds and made sure that I was definitely closer to the front. The race started, and we were off.

Mile 1 was fine. I was on pace at around 9:15 per mile - which seems to be a pattern with me. I am always at that pace at mile 1 in my previous races. When I hit mile 2, I felt like I had my rhythm and didn't feel like I was dying. What a difference from back in June. I remember feeling like I wanted to vomit at mile 2 back then. This time, I was full speed ahead and kept my pace. I hit mile 2.5 and stepped it up a notch. I was feeling good and when I hit the downhill part and approached the finish line. I didn't feel like I was going to die and I probably could have gone another mile or so if I had to. (This is good, considering I plan on running the 10K in a few weeks).

My official time was 29:27. It wasn't a personal record for me. However, my goal for this race was to beat 32:47 - which I obviously did. I was happy about that. Plus - we had a great weather. It was in the 50's and sunny and I couldn't have asked for a better day!

Now - it's all about 10K training!! October 23rd is right around the corner.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a brilliant race.....good for you, and sorry I missed it.