Thursday, November 4, 2010

Weather, running and Garmin 205

It has been a cold week. And rainy. And gray. I don't like cold. I really don't like it when it comes to running. It makes my nose run. It makes me sniffle. It makes me stress about what to wear. And when I am finished running, it makes my legs itch. And believe me. I know it's not even REALLY cold yet. This is just the beginning of what is to come. Because, winter is coming. And we all know it. And we all hate it.

Anyway - since it has been such a dreary week, I have run indoors. On the treadmill. At the gym. Today, I knocked out 4.11 miles in 45 minutes. Not bad.

Anyway - what I am really excited about is that my Garmin 205 came. Today! It arrived. I charged it up. And I probably would have been inclined to go for a second run OUTSIDE to try it out if it hadn't been pouring. But it was raining all day - so the Garmin will have to wait until tomorrow. Or Saturday. Not sure when. But - I can't wait to figure out how to work this cool watch. I am hoping it will give me some much needed motivation to up my mileage. Because - I am all about upping my mileage because I have kind of decided that I am going to run a HALF marathon.

Yes. I know. I am nuts. And part of me is really wondering if I will be able to do it. I mean - 13.1 miles??? I almost died doing 6.2. But - now it's all about saying that I have done it. I want to say, "Oh yes. I have run 13.1 miles. Easy. So easy." And then, after I run 13.1 miles, I want to train for a marathon. But - that's another story for another day. But - I have to do it. Because for me - it's all about the accomplishment of finishing the goal.

So - I am hoping the Garmin will be my running buddy to push me to the next level. Of course, I won't be doing any half marathons until the Spring. So - I still have lots of time.

Anyway - this weekend is sure to be packed with fun stuff. Maddie has her first Girl Scout meeting tomorrow night. I have a gold party Saturday morning and we have our dine around on Saturday night. Should be fun. And for sure, I will be sneaking in a run with my new Garmin.

Have a good one!

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