Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2010 Report

Okay - I belong to Daily Mile - which is a site where you can enter your workouts. When I first started running, I wasn't as religious as I am now about entering my mileage.
So my stats may be a little "off."

But - that's okay -
Here they are:

March - 11 miles
April -16 miles
May - 12 miles
June - 16 miles
July - 14 miles
August - 30 miles
September - 38 miles
October - 36 miles
November - 42 miles
December- 44 miles

I like to think I finished the year off strong! Of course - December is when I started training for the half marathon - so I knew that my numbers were bound to go up. It's fun to see though.

The report also told me that I burned 9lbs. Cool!!! (Not that I weigh 9 lbs less - because I don't.) But still. I like when it tells me that.

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