Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow Day Craziness

Yesterday was the first snow day of the year. All of the schools were closed. In fact, it was so bad out, that we decided to keep Aidan home from daycare. Keep in mind, I work from home. I had work to do. But with 2 kids underfoot - work became - well - kind of difficult.

Around 10 AM I decided we all needed an "outside" break. I bundled the kids up. I bundled myself up. We went outside and I started shoveling a little yard for Gracie. As I shoveled, Maddie played on her swingset and amused herself by sliding down the slide and landing in the snow. Meanwhile, Aidan tried to follow her and he ended up trapped in a snow drift. He whined. He cried. He hated when the snow blew in his face. After 30 minutes of outside time, I had enough. The whining was no fun. We all went in. I undressed everyone. Everything was wet. Into the dryer it went. You know the drill.

Anyway - once Aidan went down for a nap, I managed to get some work done. I also helped Maddie with her "100" project. (Each child needs to bring in 100 items to mark their 100th day of school.) We decided to count 100 noodles out and hot glue them to a piece of paper so the noodles say "100". It was cute. She had a grand time with the hot glue gun.

As the hours ticked by, I became restless. I don't like being stuck inside. I ended up making a Spaghetti pie for dinner. No one liked it but me. Oh well.

Today was great. All was back to normal and the roads were clear and the sun even was shining.

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