Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bonine, Dramamine and Sea Band

Okay. Not sure if you all know this about me. But I have a problem.

I get terrible motion sickness.

Don't ever put me in the backseat of a car. Don't put me on a boat. Don't take me whale watching. Don't take me deep sea fishing. Don't put me on a helicopter. And never, ever take me on a cruise. I will surely vomit.

I have done most of the above. I have gone whale watching. I have been sailing. I have been in a helicopter. Each time, I turned green and vomited. It wasn't pretty. It's not fun. I have no desire to do any of those things again. I am not a water person. Nor am I an air person. Truthfully, I am not a car person either.

Unfortunately, I also get sick when I fly in an airplane. However, I can't really avoid flying. I fly for my job. I like to travel. So I fly for leisure. Flying is necessary. I have to fly. I am heading to Denver at the end of January for work. And after my last flight - (you know - the one where we circled and circled the Detroit airport for ONE HOUR - and I almost threw up in my sweater since there was a lack of air sickness bags). So - after that horrific last flight, I am determined that I am not going to be air-sick again. It was miserable. Keep in mind, that I had taken a dramamine before that last flight. Apparently it had worn off while we were circling the Detroit airport.

A friend of mine recommended Bonine. And I also investigated the Sea Band. I stocked up on both for this flight. The Bonine is chewable and supposedly lasts all day. The Sea Band is worn on the wrist and supposedly puts pressure somewhere where on the wrist so that the motion sickness will stay away. I figure I can do both. The Sea Band has no drugs. It is completely drug free and natural.

I am prepared. Motion sickness - be GONE!!!

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