Saturday, January 8, 2011

Friend Fox

For weeks Maddie has been talking about Friend Fox. Every day when she went off to school, she would say, "I really hope I get Friend Fox for the weekend."

I wasn't really sure who this Friend Fox was. I mean - I assumed that he was a fox. And I assume he was a friendly one at that. But really - what was the big deal?
Well - apparently - he is a very big deal in Maddie's kindergarten class.

Finally, it was Maddie's lucky weekend. She got off the bus on Friday with Friend Fox and a bunch of fox story books. Along with this, was a scrapbook of all of Friend Fox's adventures that he had with the other students. Our job was to take care of Fox and take some photos of his adventures at our house.

In case you are wondering what Friend Fox looks like - you can see in this photo. He is a cute little guy.

We had all sorts of adventures with Fox this weekend. Our first adventure was that he kind of needed a bath. He was quite dirty. He looked a little ragged and had some dog hair on him. And Maddie was insistent on sleeping with him. Well - if that was going to happen - Friend Fox needed a good washing.

He tried to escape. Fortunately - I got him in the washing machine and cleaned up. Now, he is a clean little fox and ready to return to school on Monday. It was a fun weekend with Friend Fox and now I know that this is big doings in the kindergarten class!

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