Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Let's face it. I am still a newbie runner. After all, I have only been running for one year. And there is so much more to learn. I hear all sorts of terms like fartleks, intervals, negative splits, repeats and tempo runs. During the course of this year, I have learned what some of the terms mean. But please don't ask me what a fartlek is! I am not that good yet.

Anyway - this past week, I have mastered the interval! Yes. I am so proud. Felice gave me a new plan and one of my runs includes intervals. I spent my workout yesterday doing 6 intervals at an 8 minute pace for 1/4 mile each. Then I walked for 1/4 mile after each interval. If it sounds confusing, it's really not. But if you don't get it- I completely understand. I didn't fully get it until I was actually doing it!

I felt so speedy. I never have run so fast. The idea is that these intervals will speed up my runs. Mmmm. Maybe. I have hope. I just wonder - why did I just start doing intervals now? Why wasn't I doing intervals months ago??? Okay, I am an interval slacker. I admit it.

For the next 6 weeks while I train for my three 5K's - it's all about speed and intervals. Just don't ask me what a fartlek is. I still have no idea!

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