Monday, April 18, 2011


Today was the Boston Marathon. It's kind of funny. I never paid any attention to this date before. I never really cared. And now I do. It's kind of like when you are pregnant. You see a million pregnant people all over. Because it's on your mind. So you notice it. That's how it is with the Boston Marathon. Running is on my mind. So now I notice big-wig marathons and care about the results. And I secretly wish I was running it. Not that I could ever qualify for Boston. Never. Because I am not speedy. So unless I run it for charity, I will never run the Boston Marathon. But it's nice to dream.

Anyway, I know of three people who ran the marathon today. Let's just say that I was a bit crazy. I went online and I was actually able to track my friends that were running. It was pretty cool. I could see their results as they hit each milestone and I was rooting them on from my computer. It was pretty cool. I was hitting my "refresh" button every few minutes. It was fun.

My friends did pretty well. One finished in 3:11. One finished in 3:36 and one in 5+ hours. Nuts. And the winner finished in just over 2 hours. Ummmm. Yeah. That is INSANE! Crazy...

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