Sunday, May 1, 2011

April Numbers

It's May 1st. That means April is over and looking back at my stats - I ran 44 miles.
You can tell that I kind of slacked off after the half marathon was over. I totally cut back on my miles.

This month it's all about getting my mo-jo back and trying to pick up on my miles. Today I was scheduled to run 5.5 miles. I started off and managed to get 3.5 in before I called it a run. I just wasn't feeling it. And it was lunch time and I was hungry. After lunch though, I took Maddie out on her bike and ran with her and ran another 1.5 miles. So I felt better about that.

I also have 2 races on the schedule for this month. The first is a 3.5 miler on Mother's Day - which happens to be next week! How did that sneak up on me so quickly? The second one is the Corporate Challenge in mid-May that I am running with the Junior League of Albany.

So - it's time to step it up. No more slacking. I promise.

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Suzy said...

There is nothing wrong with taking a break and having fewer miles after a race. Actually, I think it is pretty common! Congrats on doing so much. GL with your upcoming races.