Monday, May 2, 2011

Speedwork while cycling

Yesterday I was scheduled to run 5.5 miles. I plodded through 3 miles and then collapsed in exhaustion decided to stop.

I had some lunch and then took Maddie outside so she could practice riding her bike.
I decided that this was a time to run after her and do some speedwork. So I did. I chased her on her bike while she rode back and forth down the street. We even did the 1 mile loop. I ended up with another 1.5 miles bringing my mileage for the day up to 5 miles.

Good for me. And good for Maddie for practicing on her bike. She still won't ride down the hill yet.

1 comment:

Suzy said...

It sounds like a perfect way to get some extra miles in! I also love the strikethrough!