Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Maddie's birthday and other updates

Maddie turned 6 yesterday and we had a family party here at the house on Saturday. It was steamy and muggy and hot - but we brought out the wading pool and the kids had a blast. They also had fun on the swingset and just running around and being kids.

Maddie got her first American Girl doll which has not left her side. She also got a unicorn pillow pet which she has been asking for since Christmas. By the way - they are $12.99 at Marshalls versus $19.99 at Walmart. Interesting. She also ended up with games, clothes and a variety of other stuff that every 6-year old needs.

Meanwhile, Mr. Aidan all of a sudden decided it was time to potty train himself. Seriously. I did nothing. He started telling me he had to pee on the potty and I put him on it and he went. (I have been trying for months to just sit him on the potty and nothing ever happened. So I gave up). I am happy to report that he has been doing it nonstop since Saturday night. I am elated. In fact, I just went out and bought him some boxers. How cute is that? My little buddy in boxers. Too cute for words!

I have to admit that I am not quite ready for this switch over to the potty. This means life becomes a bit of a hassle challenge every time we want to leave the house. It means he has to pee on in the nasty restroom. And it means I need to bring the potty seat with me and extra clothing in case of an accident. It just means that I have to kind of plan ahead more since the diapers will be gone. I am not complaining about it though - but it does involve a little bit of reshuffling. And it means my little buddy is really no longer my baby boy.

Anyway - we had a great day yesterday. We headed over to Janis's house for a pool party. The vacation crew that we go to Stone Harbor with was there and everyone had a blast. The kids swam and played. The adults swam and ate. And it was just a great way to kick off the summmer! Hope you all had a fantastic Memorial Day!

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The Happy Runner said...

Great weekend! Glad Maddie loves her AG doll.