Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Race Recap

Yesterday I ran the Mother's Day 5K. Except, it turns out that it wasn't a 5K. But I will get into that later.

The race was a small race (about 125 runners) in Delmar. It started at an elementary school and the route went through the adorable neighborhoods of Delmar. I met up with some running pals and I was especially happy to have my favorite cheering squad with me!

Anyway - I started off running. And of course, I was running too fast. I glanced at my Garmin and it say 7:40 pace. Yikes. I had to pull back. I kept running enjoying the tree-lined streets of Delmar. I ran and ran and was running fast and hard. Before I knew it, I looked at my Garmin and noticed that it said I was at mile 2.7. Good. Only .4 miles to go!

But wait. I was confused. I saw the finish line ahead. How could that be? I still had .4 miles to go. How was it that the finish line was so close? Whatever. I went with it and crossed the finish line hard and fast at 26:04.

Felice found me immediately and told me that the race was short. It wasn't a 5K. Her gamin said 2.97 and mine said 2.91. We were confused. So we marched ourselves over to the race director who told us that it was definitely a 3.1 mile course and that our garmins had probably lost satellites. Rest assured, this race was a legitimate 5K. Yay! I was elated. I ran 3.1 in 26 minutes. That was amazing for me.

And then my bubble burst. This morning we found out that the course was, indeed 2.9 miles.... WHAT???? Yeah. I was annoyed. But - what can you do? I guess I will just chalk it up to that I ran a fast 2.9 miles on a beautiful sunny day...


Darlene said...

Yes it was a beautiful day for a race. great seeing you again. We all ran a speedy 2.9 miles. It's a PR in my book!

The Happy Runner said...

So, so annoying. I double-checked my Garmin and it said 2.95. I don't know where I got 2.97 in my head. So, that's closer to what you and Darlene had. But, still, it is really crappy that they didn't get the course right. How do you do that to running mamas on Mother's Day?!?!

Suzy said...

Congrats on having a speedy run! Bummer that it was short though!