Saturday, May 14, 2011


The patio is complete and as promised - it was right on schedule and completed by this past Friday. We are still waiting for the dome that goes over the fire pit. That's on backorder. Meanwhile, I would love to go and enjoy our patio - but it looks like it's rain here for the next week or so. Bahhh.

Anyway - I am not complaining about the rain because I am all about growing grass. The area around the patio is all seeded and ready for growing. And grass needs rain to grow. So - let the rain fall down and grow my grass.

The Corporate Challenge is this week. And of course, I really don't want it to rain for that. I am running with the Junior League and we have a team of 12 runners. We also have some cute red Junior League of Albany shirts. So - if you are in the pack of 8000 runners - look for the red!

Speaking of running, I have kind of been not feeling the love. Every time I go out for a run, I kind of just want to be done. Is this a normal thing after a half marathon? But the thing is - the half marathon was well over 1 month ago. So I kind of can't use that excuse anymore. Whatever the problem is, I need to get over it because after June 4th - it's all about training for the Boilermaker which happens to be 9 miles AND hilly. I am a bit nervous about what I got myself into.

Anyway - this weekend has been packed with Maddie's softball game, dance class, a First Communion for our little friend Bella, and some other stuff.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


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