Thursday, June 30, 2011

June Recap

It's the last day of June and I am happy to report that I ran 64 miles this month! I haven't been that high in my mileage for a while. It feels good to be back in training mode and it's hard to believe that the Boilermaker is next week!


After that is over, I will head right into half marathon training for the Schroon Lake race in September.

And there is actually "talk" of doing a marathon in the Poconos in the Spring. I am not sure if it's really in the cards for me - but I might do it. I will wait and see how the half marathon plays out in the fall.

And that's a June wrap!

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Suzy said...

"Talk" has a way of becoming a full blown plan. Beware of "talk" if you aren't ready. Then again, I think you can do a full and will do a full. It is just a matter of when. :)