Monday, June 20, 2011

Last week's training

I had a great training last week. I ran more than what was on the schedule and I even did some hill repeats with The Happy Runner.

If you don't know what hill repeats are - just picture running up a hill and down a hill and then running up that same hill and back down it - again and again - TEN times. Yes. Ten times. It really wasn't fun. In fact, it sucked. I hated it.

Felice powered through that hill like she was running on a flat surface. Meanwhile, I was huffing and puffing and felt like I was going die on the road. I had visions of Felice dragging me by my heels back to my house and dumping me in the driveway for Brian to come and rescue me. But, alas, I powered through the hills and finished all ten of them. And we even ran back to my house and I felt okay.

On Saturday, I ran a hilly 7 mile run with 3 other running friends and it actually wasn't so bad. So - maybe those hill repeats really did help me in the end? In fact, I am ready to go back for more. I asked Felice if she wanted to do some more hill repeats this week and maybe even up it to doing it 12 times instead of 10.

Yes - I am a crazy, crazy girl.

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Suzy said...

Yes, you are crazy! But the good kind of crazy. All those hills will help when you get to Boilermaker.