Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ropes Course Recap

Brian and I tackled the ropes course yesterday in Bolton Landing. It was a great day. But - it was totally different from what I thought it would be.

Our appointment was at 11:30 and we were told to arrive at 11. So we headed up the Northway and arrived at our destination just before 11. We went into the main building, paid, and signed our life away and then it was time to get harnessed up.

We were then brought over to the "demo" area where we were taught what to do. That took about 20 minutes and then we were on our own. Mmmmm. This wasn't how I envisioned this. I thought there would be a guide with us the whole time. But I guess that's not how it works. There are guides throughout the forest area and they are there if you need help - but we were free to go through each course on our own.

So off we went to the first two parts of the course which was what was considered the easy part. But if we are being completely honest, I personally didn't think it was all that easy. As you can see in the photo below - Brian is hanging on for dear life with the swinging logs.

Anyway - as went went through each obstacle - there were tons of ziplines. Those turned out to be fun. It was a chance to rest and just sit back and zip through the trees. Here's a photo of me ziplining.

As we progressed to the next level, the challenges were higher and higher in the trees. We were 50-60 feet off the ground at some points. The weird thing was that I wasn't as scared about being up high as I thought I would be. I was so busy concentrating on how to tackle each obstacle, that the height thing didn't bother me. The downside to all of this fun was that I was becoming more and more fatigued. This course was all about upper body strength and my arms were really hurting.

By the time we got to the end of the fourth course, I was done. There was some crazy obstacle at the end that involved stepping on swinging logs, ropes and some other objects that swayed up in the trees. I almost didn't make it across and I was so freaked out that I needed to be done. I did make it across and I was grateful to be done. I was sweaty, and tired and there was a big sign in the front of the last course that said, "Do not attempt this course unless you have extreme upper body strength." Mmmm. I think I will pass. Because I don't have extreme upper body strength and I didn't want to be caught up in the trees and have to be "rescued" by the guides.

The other downside to the course was that I thought there should have been a way down if you couldn't (or didn't want to) complete an obstacle. It would have been nice if each tree platform had a ladder that went down. But that wasn't the case. You just had to keep going and going and there was no way down until you reached the end of that particular course. So the only option was to keep going or yell to the guide to be rescued. If you ended up being rescued then they pulled you off the course and you couldn't continue.

So with that knowledge, we decided not to complete the final course. We headed over to the tandem zip line as the finale.

It was a great day - but that course was serious business! It was not for the faint at heart. I honestly thought that I might think it was too easy. Ha! That was definitely not the case!

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