Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Running Skirts

I bought my first running skirt last week on

For the past few weeks, I had searched and searched. I obsessed. I researched. I debated. I went back and forth.

So many decisions. Do I get the kind with undies or the shorts underneath? What if I get the shorts and they ride up? And what if I get the undies and the skirt blows up and everyone sees my butt? Do I get solid or prints? Cotton or spandex? Skirt or skort? So many decisions. Was it a good idea to order it on line? After all - what if I hated it? Then I would have to deal with returning it and mailing it back and all that jazz. And that's just a pain in the you-know-what.

At last, I finally made up my mind. I took a leap of faith and ordered it. And Prana even waived the shipping charge - just because I asked! How nice is that? I sent them an email asking them if they had any free shipping codes. The nice lady wrote back and told me that just because I was a new customer, she would give me a Free shipping code. So that saved me $8. (Remember, people - if you don't ask - you don't get! Always ask for free shipping!)

The skirt came via UPS yesterday and I tried it out for my run today. And the result is...


I love the paisley print. I love how cute it is. And I love that it is so comfy! I literally feel like I am wearing NOTHING! In fact, when I was running, I kept running my hand over my butt to make sure that the skirt was still there. Fortunately, it was.

Now - the next big decision is - what color compression socks do get? I want to get burnt orange to match the orange in the skirt - but I can't find any. So I might get some pink ones.

I am so excited to finally have something cute to wear. After months and months of wearing the same old shorts -I think I like this skirt thing. I might have to order some more!

The photo is me right after my 4 mile run in the skirt.


Tami mommy of nine said...

I am glad you love your skirt. I think it is so cute! Love the print. Did you go w/the underpants or shorts under them? Now I am wanting to get a new pair.

Suzy said...

Enjoy it!! I love running skirts.