Friday, August 26, 2011

About that vacation

It's almost comical. But it's not really. Not at all.
The Jersey shore has been evacuated.
Yup. The beaches are closed.
We are not leaving tomorrow.

In fact, we aren't even sure if we will be able to go at all.

I am trying not to be depressed. Because in the big scheme of things - it's not a big deal. I mean - we are all safe and healthy and that's all that really matters - right?

Of course.

But - I am still bummed out.

We have no word on if we will get our money back. I spoke to the rental agency yesterday and they have no idea either. They were in the process of being evacuated so they were in a bit of a panic. So basically, we might be out a vacation AND our money.

And that stinks. But - I am still hoping that we might be able to go on Monday if the storm didn't do too much damanage. And if we can't go - then I am hoping beyond hope that we get our money back. Or a credit for next year. Or something.

So---yeah. That's my story for today.

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