Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The vacation that might not be

We go on one vacation a year. One. That's it. One week of relaxation, sunny days and beachy fun.

And now, all my dreams of beach-time fun might come to an end...Yup. All because of Hurricane Irene.

Keep in mind, our vacation is paid for. Yup. All paid. And keep in mind that we did NOT purchase the vacation travel insurance. Right. We did not purchase it. We have never purchased it before. But now I am starting to think we should have. Because you know - there is a hurricane headed toward the Northeast. And who knows if New Jersey coastal cities could be evacuated. So in reality - the way it's looking - we might not even get to leave on Saturday. We might end up going on Sunday. Or maybe Monday?

Who the heck knows. All I know, is that I am completely disappointed and bummed out right now.

Yup. Very sad.

Say some prayers that Irene veers out to sea and takes her fury with her.

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