Friday, August 12, 2011

And - - it has been another ....ahem....week

Yes - it has been another week. Another long week.

It started on Sunday when I ended up in the ER due to painful breathing. After a long 2 hour wait, I was given a CT scan, and some bloodwork. All came back normal and I was diagnosed with Pleurisy. Basically I have a viral infection in the lungs.

Nice. Yeah. Add that to the fever and the night sweats I have had - and it's been a winner of a week. I still have pain in the belly area and I am just going to attribute that to the pleurisy. However, the problem is that it feels like there is a constant stitch in my side and it hurts to run. Oh yeah. And I am supposed to run a 10 mile road race tomorrow.

Mmmm. Not sure what will happen with that. fever seems to be gone. So that's the good news. The other part of this news is that the CT scan found a 3 mm nodule on my OTHER lung. (On the side that had no pain). After a visit to my primary care doctor, she told me there was nothing to worry about. These nodules are common and we will re-scan it in 6 months and make sure it hasn't grown. She said it might even be gone by that point because the nodule could be there because of the viral infection.

Ho hum. So that means I only have to worry for 6 months about the fate of my lungs. Anyway...that's that. Here's hoping for some better health all around for everyone! This is a nasty, nasty virus!


MaryT said...

Hi Bridget!
I hope your lungs are ok!

Suzy said...

Keep feeling better!