Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Price Chopper Shopping Trip

I think I have gotten a lot more shoppper savvy with my grocery shopping lately.

Take for instance this photo. How much do you think this cost?

The little guy in the photo wasn't for sale. But I still would have bought him anyway without any coupons.

There are 6 loaves of bread, 4 bags of chips, among all the other things you see in the photo. Take a guess.

My final bill on this was $41.81. I saved $36.78 - which means the original bill was almost $80. I almost cut it in half!

How did I do that? Well - Price Chopper had "Buy One, Get TWO" on the bread. So I stocked up since we have the freezer chest now. I can store it in there. The chips were 3 for $10 with a free bag of pretzels if I bought the 3 doritos. The sausages were buy one get one free. The frozen ravioli was buy one get one free. Plus I had some coupons that could be doubled. Not bad - right?

I was very excited about this. So excited that it deserves its own posting. Yup. So there it is.

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