Friday, August 19, 2011

Five Things Friday

1. I have to run 11 miles tomorrow. Fortunately, I am running with a bunch of running friends so I won't be alone. Running 11 miles by myself would not be ideal.

2. I am heading out to Utica on Sunday with my SIL and MIL for a bridal shower. That should be fun. Brian's cousin is getting married in October which equals a night away for us with no kids. Bonus!

3. It's vacation preparation time. I started packing, and once again, it always amazes me how much STUFF I have to bring. One whole suitcase consists of sheets, bath towels, and beach towels. And I haven't even gotten to the clothing part yet. (Or the food part!)

4. I am going to see "The Help" on Sunday night with some friends. If you haven't read the book - you really should. It's great. I hope the movie is good too!

5. It got hot again and I had to turn the AC back on. I guess I spoke too soon in my last post about turning it off.

Enjoy the weekend!

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