Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Summer Recap

As summer winds down, I aways get a bit nostalgic. Some of the leaves are starting to change. The AC has been turned off. We can keep the windows open since it's actually cool at night now. It's a perfect time for a fire in the fire pit. School supplies have been purchased and we are getting our last bit of summer in before we are shoveling snow.

Anyway - we have had a busy summer around the Graber household. Let's recap:

1. We visited the Thousand Islands
2. Maddie and I went to DC to visit Cortney
3. Maddie spent 6 weeks at the town camp where she really learned to swim
4. Maddie spent 2 weeks at a different camp and learned about the solar system
5. Aidan was at daycare and spent two weeks at Discovery Camp (when Miss Lynne was on vacation)
6. We spent the day on the boat on Lake George with Mr. P. and dad.
7. We had fires in the fire pit and ate smores
8. We grew a garden and ate yummy veggies

And...the best is yet to come...since we still have vacation at the ocean to look forward to.

I would say it has been a great summer around here.

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