Thursday, September 29, 2011

Flu Shots and Lungs

I went to the pulmonologist yesterday to check out my breathing issues that have been happening while running. After spending a lifetime two hours in the office where I had an extensive breathing test, my vitals checked, followed byan exam with the doctor - I was given my results.

And they were----

That nothing is wrong. My breathing test was "impeccable" and my lungs and heart were "perfectly normal."

He went on to say that the 3mm nodule that was on my lung back in August is barely visible and that he wouldn't worry about it.

And so the result was that he thinks my breathing issues are due to anxiety. Say what? Isn't exercise supposed to take away worries?

Anyway - while I was at the pulmonologist, I decided to get the flu shot. I didn't get one last year and I regretted it because I ended up getting really sick. So -anyway - I got my flu shot yesterday...And let's just say that I wish I hadn't. My arm is sore beyond belief and I have been feeling like death warmed over I have the flu ever since. You know. Body aches, headache and just grumpy.

I hope I snap out of it because it's girl's night in tonight and I want to have some fun!

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