Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Two runs, one day

Today I tried something different. I split my runs up. I ran 3.5 at lunchtime, and then I ran again tonight - another 3 miles! That totals up to 6.5 miles. I like that. I basically had a longish run but it never felt long because I split it up! I liked it. I can see myself doing more of these type of runs.

In the meantime, I haven't really had any breathing issues with my running and that's been kind of nice. I have even been trying to work in some hills into my running. That is not going overly well. I usually end up walking the hill - but at least I am trying to get back into the groove.

The Stockadathon is only a few weeks away and I can't say I feel overly prepared. But - I am sure it will be fine. After all, if I can run 13.1 - then I can surely run 9.3 with no issues- right? Let's hope so!

Now that the weather is getting colder, I am finding that I have to dress warmer. Gone are the days of tank tops and cute running skirts. Now it's time to break out the capris, long pants, long sleeve shirts, and even the fleece jackets! Gulp. In fact, tonight I even wore my fleece headband to over my ears. Eeeks!

Let the cold running weather begin!

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