Friday, October 28, 2011

Why gift certificates work better for lunch

A couple months ago I won a $50 gift certificate for Mazzone Management Group which owns 677 Prime, Glen Sanders Mansion, Apertivo, and Prime at Saratoga National. I was excited. I knew that I definitely wanted to try Saratoga National. We had been there for two weddings, but we just had never been there for a meal.

So that was the plan. Dinner at Saratoga National. Then I read the back of the gift card. It said, "Not to be used on Saturday." Huh? Well that is the only time I want to go out to dinner. When I am going to truck myself up to Saratoga on a weeknight for dinner? It's just not going to happen!

So then I had the brilliant idea that we would do a lunch date. Brian gets every other Friday off so I took a half day today and we made the trip up to Saratoga to go to lunch. It was perfect. We both had soup, open faced turkey sandwiches and split a HUGE piece of coconut creme pie. It was all delicious. And we spent $50.29 (the amount of the gift certificate)! Perfect!

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