Sunday, November 20, 2011

The toddler bed

I have been in no hurry to move Aidan out of the crib and into the toddler bed. Why?
Well, because he doesn't try to climb out of the crib. He likes the crib. And I just felt like once I moved him out, then he wasn't my baby anymore.

But, alas. It was time.  He is getting heavy to heave him in and out of the crib. Plus, he is potty trained. So - technically he should have freedom to get up out of bed if he needs to go instead of calling my name for me to come and get him.

So, yesterday we lugged the toddler bed up from the basement and set it up in his room. He was very excited. I told him that he needed to stay in bed and he could not get out. I wasn't sure how it all would go. But, he was fine. He went right to bed and stayed in bed. And he called out in the morning for me to come get him to go potty.

I thought the true test would be nap time. But, again. He was fine. I guess I underestimated the little dude.

After all, he is a smarty pants and I knew he was ready. I just think that I wasn't ready to do it. As for the crib - it is still in his room. We have to take it down. Another stage in our life - Gone. Just. Like. That.

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