Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ummm. yeah. I registered.

So I guess it's official. I registered for the New Jersey Marathon. Yup.

I did. Are you proud of me?

I just revised my marathon plan and I feel good about it. I will be running four times per week and my longest run will be 20 miles. I like the gradual build up of the plan and it also gives me a good 2 weeks of cutting back. (Which I guess is very necessary when you are marathon training).

My next goal will be to research diets. Yes. I want to start eating better. If I am going to marathon train, I want to make sure I am supplying my body with the proper nutrients for my training runs. And since I am not the best with eating fruits and veggies, I really need to get down to business and make myself follow a healthy diet.

Until then, I am going to enjoy these last few weeks of NON-training. Because once January hits, I am all business. Yes I am. New Jersey - here we come!

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Suzy said...

Congrats on hitting the 'register' button! I know that when you eat well you will have more energy for all those miles!!