Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Christmas is coming and I have to say that I am very excited about what we got the kids.

Maddie's big present is a Nintendo DS Lite. This came about after much deliberation about whether we should get her a tablet. After going back and forth, we finally settled on the DS Lite. I even snagged 4 games off Craigslist for it. It's a cute little gaming system and it seemed like the next step up from her Leapster gaming system.

The other present that we got her that I can't wait to get her is an Ipod Shuffle. I already downloaded a bunch of songs for her that I know she will love. And I topped off the gift with some cute paisley speakers that she can plug the shuffle in and listen to the music in her room.

Aidan's main present is a drum set. This was Brian's idea. I have a feeling we will be very sorry about this - but regardless - I think he will love it.

I wish Christmas would get here! I want them to open their presents. Now!

I am not sure what I am getting. I asked for a watch from Brian. But he keeps hinting that he got me something for running. I also am looking forward to my new cozy robe and slippers that I asked my parents for.

Anyway - the countdown is on and I tend to act like a little kid around this time of year!

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