Sunday, December 18, 2011

Albany Last Run 5K report

Last night I ran the Albany Last Run. I was very excited to run this race. I didn't do it last year as it was my grandfather's 90th birthday party. So this year I was definitely excited to run it. And it's a popular race that closes out at 1500 runners. I registered a while ago so I could make sure that I had a spot.

The race started at 5 PM  and there were fireworks that went off prior to the start. Let's just say that it was COLD. Very cold.  I was dressed in layers but I was shivering before we started moving. I met up with Janis, Elisa, Gail and Darlene. I never found my other running buddies - Jen M., Amanda and Tami. The plan was to run a nice trot through Albany and enjoy the lights in the park. I was by no means trying to get a PR (personal record).

We all stuck together and trotted along, chatting and having fun. The race was a bit of a cluster. People were darting in and out we had to watch where we were going because it was dark and there were ruts in the street. At mile 3 I picked it up a bit and enjoyed the 1 mile downgrade. I was cruising along. I crossed the finish line at 31:08. I have not finished a race in over 30 minutes in a VERY long time. But as I said - I wasn't running to race. I was just running to enjoy the lights. But - it did feel kind of strange to take that long to finish a 5K.

Anyway - after we were finished, we walked up to El Mariachi and chowed down on guacamole, chips an d salsa and a well deserved margarita. It was a fun night!

Janis and me before the start of the race.
 Can you tell we are freezing?

Me, Elisa and Janis hiding behind our "masks"
to block the wind.

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