Thursday, December 22, 2011

That damn elf

Have you heard of "The Elf on the Shelf"? Unless you live under a rock, I am sure you have. Basically the gist is this: You buy the elf with a book. You read the book. The book tells you that the elf goes back and forth each night to Santa to report on if the kids were being good each day. When he comes back to your house - he goes to a different spot so when the kids wake up in the morning - they find the elf in a new and exciting place.


Yes. Until you (the parents) forget to move the elf. Which has happened to me MANY times. I have woken up at 3 AM and sat up in bed and realized that we forgot to move the elf!  I run downstairs and put him somewhere else. And then there are other days where I completely forget and I have been told by Maddie that the elf is in the same place as it was yesterday. Woops! We quickly made up a story that there was a storm in the North Pole and the elf had to stay put. Somehow my kids believe this. 

Anyway - I only have 2 more nights of moving the damn elf. 

And then he goes back in the Christmas box. And then we do it all again next year.

Oh, what fun.
Max - the elf - hanging out by the wine bottles.
Look at that smug, little smile.

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