Monday, January 30, 2012

January Mileage

My mileage for January was the highest ever!
I ran 81 miles! Wowsers.
And now that I am averaging over 20 miles a week - I expect my February and March mileage will be even higher!

Last week's runs were fantastic. I had two effortless 5 mile runs on Monday and Wednesday evening. Then my long run was 12 miles. The long run was a bit tough. I started to get tired around mile 8 and 9. But then I got my mo-jo back and managed to finish without walking too much.

This week's schedule includes two more five milers and a long run of 14 miles. GULP. I am entering new territory. I have never run that far and I am a little nervous!

Thankfully, the weather is looking mighty fine for February. This helps make things a wee-bit easier! Have a great week!

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