Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

Marathon training has commenced. It started yesterday with a 4 mile run. In the wind. The very windy, wind. Did I mention it was windy? Anyway - I ran with Elisa and it was my first run in 8 days since I had been sick. Besides the wind, I felt good.  The trick with this marathon training will be scheduling my long runs. I guess I am going to have to work it out week by week and figure it out. This weekend I think the plan is to run Saturday at 1 PM. However, there is a 15K scheduled at Suny on Sunday and that would be ideal to get my long run in then. After all, they give you soup when you are finished! Who doesn't love soup? Sunday is hard though. Brian plays soccer and Maddie has religion. So - I am hoping my parents will come over and babysit and I can get my run in.

Have you ever decided that you just can't stand a certain decoration in your house? That happened to me last week. I decided that the wreath that was hanging in our two-story foyer above our front door had to go. I looked at it and thought, "What the hell was I thinking when I put that there?" Yeah. I liked it at the time. But suddenly I was fixated on the fact that I had to get it out of my house. And today we replaced it. No more wreath. Instead a lovely wrought iron scroll design hangs in its place. Yes. Much better.  Thanks Brian for hanging it!

Aidan has his first dentist appointment tomorrow morning. I really hope he is a good boy. I think he will be fine. He is always good at the doctor. So I think it will work out. But - I get nervous with these first time events with my kids.

Right now the wind is howling and I am thinking that I have a 5 mile run on the schedule tomorrow. And I am thinking that it's January and I have 16 weeks of training in the cold. Thank goodness it hasn't really snowed yet! I can bundle up. I just can't deal with the snow and ice.

Have a good week!

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