Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Last year we bought a freezer chest for our basement. Everything was fine until a few months ago. We noticed that the freezer was turning off. By the time we would notice it, everything was defrosted in the freezer. This went on and on sporadically. We would have to turn the thermostat off and then click it back to "ON" and then it would turn back on. But, this made me nervous about buying any type of meat to store in the freezer. So, to date, I haven't bought any major meat because of this issue. So, we have used it to for bread, and other non-meat items.

Luckily we had bought the warranty. Normally we don't purchase any type of warranty, but for some reason, we did. So - I called Sears and told them what was going on. They sent a repair man to check it out. Come to find out - the freezer needed to be replaced. In fact, they didn't even sell that model anymore,
 so they let us choose another one!

And, they even upped the amount that they would give us towards the new freezer from what we paid for the original freezer. How is that for service? The best part is that they will deliver the new freezer for free and take the old one away!

For once, I am so happy we bought the warranty! It paid for itself!
And I am a happy customer!

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