Sunday, March 18, 2012

Six things Sunday

1. It has been a great weekend here in the northeast. So great, in fact - we actually sat outside on our patio this afternoon and I was HOT!. Yes. It was that warm. Imagine that. Almost 70 degrees in mid-March.

2. I ran 15 miles today and found it very tough. I am very happy that I only have six more long runs. Of course, I still have the big 20 miler coming up and that makes me VERY nervous.

3. Waiting. Have you ever felt things were on hold because you were waiting for other people to give you information? Well, I am hold with some things and that is annoying.

4. I have had little luck finding fresh farm milk that can be delivered. So I have been buying organic milk. I find that it tastes totally different. It's not bad. But I can definitely taste a difference.

5. I finalized Maddie's birthday plans. We are going to do a gymnastics party this year. I booked it and ordered the invitations.

6. Happy birthday to my mom. Her birthday is this week!

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