Thursday, March 15, 2012

Breaking out

I was confined to a conference room for most of the week. Yes. Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday. And today for a few hours. I sat for a long time. And I felt like I ate a lot. Although, I really didn't eat that much. It just felt like I ate a lot because all I was doing was sitting and eating. Sitting and eating. And then sitting and eating some more.

So, today I was ready to run after our meeting was over. I headed out on my run and for some reason my legs felt tired. I was surprised. After all, I was sitting all week! How could my legs be tired?

I ran along and had every intention of running 5 miles. I was only scheduled for four. But I ended up running 4.3. So - technically more than I was scheduled for but not as much as I wanted to do. That's okay. I have 15 on the schedule for Sunday, along with a very busy weekend. that includes a first birthday party, Girl Scouts, dance class, religion, and a birthday party for my mom.

Enjoy the weather!

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