Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Practicing my cupcake perfection

I am not a good baker. And, I am not a good decorator when it comes to frosting cakes. In fact - I am messy. And sloppy. And my cupcakes look like they have been decorated by a 2 year old when it's all said and done.

However, that all changed the other day when I watched a cooking show and the chef showed me how to make my own frosting and decorate it so it looks like it's from a bakery.

Since I want to make Maddie's birthday cupcakes for her gymnastics party, and I want to make Brian's cupcakes for his 40th birthday party, I decided that I needed to practice.

And, so I did. I practiced. Of course it helped that I had an assistant.

I whipped up some cupcakes out of a box. Yes. I know. I didn't make them from scratch. However, I did get fancy and I ended up making my own frosting! Yes. I did. All it took was some confectioners sugar, butter, vanilla and evaporated milk. Easy. I mixed it with a blender and then I got a little fancier. I decided to put the frosting in a ziploc baggie and used it as a piping bag.

And then I frosted them. And then I added some pretty pink and green sprinkles.
And this is the result! Cute? I think so.
Of course, I had 72 mini cupcakes after my practice session. So I gave some to our new neighbor next door. Then I brought some to Aidan's daycare. And then Brian took some to work.

And then we ate the rest.

And that's that.

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