Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Egg Fun - a new method for me

I am not a fan of hard boiled eggs. So when it comes time to dye  Easter eggs, I cringe.

So, this year, I decided to try something different.

I blew out the eggs. Yup. I looked it up on You Tube on how to blow eggs out of the shell.

It's really quite easy. You poke a small hole in both ends of the egg. Then you take a tooth pick to break up the membrane. Then you put your mouth on one end of the egg and you blow. (It's kind of like you are blowing up a balloon.) And magically the egg comes out the other end.

Then I rinsed the eggs out in the sink to make sure there were no more egg remnants. After all the eggs were "blown", I microwaved them for 15 seconds to dry them.

And then it was time to dye the eggs. As you can see, my kids are hard at work. This is serious business.

And that's it. Now, I have eggs that I can keep from year to year if I wanted to. And I don't have to deal with icky, smelly hard boiled eggs. The one downside to this, is that you have to be very careful. The eggs are much more delicate than if I had used hard boiled eggs. I cracked two of them just from blowing out the egg. So - this does take some caution. Otherwise, it's a fun way to dye eggs!

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