Monday, May 14, 2012

Grocery store deals

As you have probably heard me say before, I am not a Price Chopper fan. I think the store is uber-expensive and I am always shocked when I hear about people that shop there for all of their groceries. I am personally loyal to Hannaford. I even tried the new Shop Rite, and I have to say that I was not impressed. I think it was more expensive! Anyway - back to Price Chopper. I admit that I do go there. However, I only make the special trip there when I need something that they have on sale, or when I can use the double coupons.

I went there on Saturday. Check out the picture below. How much do you think I spent on all of these groceries? In case you can't see - I bought three loaves of Freihofer's Bread, three packs of English Muffins, one gallon of milk, three bags of Doritos, paper towels, and a bag of dinner rolls.

I spent $21. Not bad. Right? I hit the store when they had the Buy-One, Get TWO free on the bread and english muffins. I had a coupon for the Doritos. They were 3 for $7. (That's a great deal on Doritos and I normally don't buy them, but I couldn't resist a good deal on chips.) The paper towels were free if I spent $10 or more.

So-  there you go! The moral of this story is if you play your cards right, you can make Price Chopper work for you. Otherwise, go to Hannaford or Super Walmart. Happy shopping!

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