Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Meat House

I have been on a quest to buy healthier meat for my family.

First, I wanted to buy a cow. Not a real one, of course. I wanted to buy the meat from a cow and have it all packaged up and then we would freeze it. However, doing that is kind of expensive. And did I really need every part of the cow? No. And did I need $800 worth of meat? No.

So, then I started looking around for all-natural butchers. I stopped into my local butcher right here in my little town. I bought some ground beef that was all natural. We tried it and it was good.

Then, I found the Meat House. Oh yes. How did I not know that this place existed?? There are actually four locations right here in the Capital Region. And apparently I was not aware of this. Why did someone not tell me about this little piece of meat heaven?

First off, the store is GORGEOUS. It has tons of different types of all natural, and local goodies. And they had samples. Lots of samples. And samples make me happy. I basically ate my way through the store. First, I tried their ground beef that was mixed with cheddar cheese. Oh boy. That was so good. Then, I tried their all marinated natural chicken. Yum. Then I moved on to their samples of salsa. I was in that section for a while enjoying the chips, and possibly the best salsa I have ever had. Then I moved onto the oil and balsamic vinegar with bread. And I ended with some samples of BBQ sauce.

Then I finally got around to actually ordering my meat. I went with the family sample. It included pork chops, marinated chicken, ground beef and sirloin tips. The price wasn't bad either for all the meat I bought. I restrained myself from buying a crate of the salsa, and off I went with my meat. And, I should note that the nice man behind the counter packaged all my meat so it was dinner-ready. So - basically, I freeze all the meat, and then take out only what I need for dinner that night. And it was vacuum sealed!
To top it off, the nice man gave me an ice pack so my meat would stay cold. What customer service! Right?

So far we have had the sirloin tips and the chicken. Both were amazing! I mean the sirloin tips were tender and tasty. And the chicken was moist and really, really good. And I don't normally say that about chicken.

I will be going back to the Meat House for sure. I just wish there was one over here in Rensselaer County. Oh well. I think it's worth the drive.

Meat. It's what's for dinner.

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